Air Travel Tips

Don’t Stress the Pressure

Many believe that the change in cabin pressure during takeoff and landing can cause babies discomfort and even pain. Simply put, this is just not true. What your baby feels is most likely what you feel – a bit of pressure in the ears that is relieved once you’re in the air. Breast or bottle-feeding is not necessary during this time, but if you’re up for it, it can help to soothe your wee one in their unfamiliar surroundings.

Fly with the Cries

Yep, you have officially just become the parent you tried to switch your seat to get away from. But seriously, what can you do? If your baby cries on the flight, try not to stress. Conduct business much like you would at home. Soothe, rock, feed, and if nothing works, just let your little one tire themselves out and sleep. Breaking your routines for a few hours of air travel can actually prove more troublesome in both the long and short term. And as for your fellow passengers, if they haven’t been in your position before, take comfort in the fact that many of them will be at some point soon.

Evade the Sleep Aids

As you’ve probably assumed, any medication that would knock your tot out for the duration of a flight is not the safest thing for them. Approved meds, like baby Benadryl may induce drowsiness, but could also create unexpected hyperactivity, undoubtedly making your family’s time in a cramped space smaller and more stressful by the second. So, what’s a weary traveler to do? Bring your baby’s favorite toys. Play beats drugs by a long shot.

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