Drama Free Feeding

A long, long time ago, nobody talked about breast feeding. People just did it instinctively. And guess what? Miraculously, it worked. In today’s world, however, where every aspect of parenting is placed under a microscope, breast feeding has become more of a science. With its renewed popularity has come abundant data and misinformation as well as cautionary tales about everything that could possibly go wrong. Instead of reassuring you, all of this information can create unrealistic expectations and unnecessary apprehensions. But breast feeding won’t work well if you’re too skittish, and the less it works, the more anxious you’ll be.

I have outlined what new mothers can expect at every stage of nursing their infant– from the first days to weaning. I have also attempted to debunk all the nursing myths that could undermine confidence and pleasure. Breast feeding is simple and straightforward. Just go with the flow and follow your instincts. After the first couple of days, once you and your baby have gotten used to each other, it’ll feel like you’ve been doing it all your life. Read more here.