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Mothers Day!

On behalf of the whole staff at Tribeca Pediatrics, I would like to wish all our mothers a happy Mother’s Day.

Just for fun, I was imagining what I would think of Mother’s Day, if I actually was one. Here is what I came up with, from the perspective of my “inner-mom…”

A piece of chocolate for all the work a mother has to do? You are kidding, right ?

I don’t need a national holiday to make me feel guilty about calling my mom.

Mother’s Day, with its roots in feminist activism, was never meant to be a spa-day.

I am not a saint, nor do I want to be, I have enough on my plate.

Not everyone who does the hard work of raising children is a mother.

14 billion dollars spent on candy samplers and floral arrangements! Can we use this for universal daycare?

Breakfast in bed is messy, and who’s cleaning up?

Hey, can we have sex like that every time?

What’s next, Father’s Day?

– Michel Cohen (with our writer, Ceridwen Morris, mother of two)Mothers Day