Swaddle: Safe or Not?

New IMage 2As reported over at Yahoo Parenting this week:

Though as many as 90% of Americans swaddle their babies, the research on swaddling is all over the place: A systematic review of available research suggests newborns can sleep for longer stretches in a swaddle and that preterm babies especially benefit from the practice. One study saw a drop in SIDS with swaddling; another found an increase. Research also suggests a risk of overheating and/or problems with physical development.


Our two cents:¬†¬†Religiously swaddling a baby as taught in the hospital is not necessary. One advantage of being born is having the opportunity to not constantly be squeezed like in subway at rush hour. It is yet another habit that you’ll have to break. If you find swaddling helps early on, great, but you don’t have to do it.

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