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When to Start Solids?

A recent article in theĀ New York Timesin which our Dr. TJ Gold gives her always great advice–addresses the fact that parents tend to feed their kids too early. The general consensus among pediatricians these days is to start feeding a baby solids at 6 months. But why 6 months? Well, mostly because young babies tend to lack the coordination to swallow solid food, and don’t really have an interest in it.

But some babies are eager to eat sooner than others. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with introducing solids. Those babies that are ready and able will love the new tastes and use the few calories they get.

In this practice our philosophy is to present food at some point around 5 months– maybe just a little taste from your finger– to gauge readiness and see what happens. You might start, you might wait longer.

The very early introduction to solids is not so much about meals anyway–breastmilk or formula still provide the bulk of nutrition and calories– but to cultivate a curiosity and joy about lots of flavors and textures.

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