Insurances (ny)

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need coverage for your child?

Go to theĀ New York Health Exchange Market Place for Affordable Care Act Insurance Plans. Here is a list of insurance plans offered on the Exchange in which Tribeca Pediatrics participates.

have medicaid?

Below are managed care medicaid options that we accept.

  • HIP
  • Healthfirst
  • United Healthcare Community Plan
  • Empire Child Health Plus

Currently we are accepting the following ACA Insurance plans in New York.


Oscar Insurance

  • Oscar Bronze ST INN
  • Oscar Silver ST INN
  • Oscar Gold ST INN
  • Oscar Platinum ST INN
  • Oscar Edge Platinum NS INN
  • Oscar Edge Gold NS INN
  • Oscar Edge Silver NS INN
  • Oscar Edge Plus Silver NS INN
  • Oscar Edge Plus Bronze NS INN
  • Oscar Simple 1000 Platinum NS INN
  • Oscar Simple 4500 Silver NS INN
  • Oscar Simple 6600 Bronze NS INN
  • Oscar Simple 2000 Gold NS INN


United Healthcare Compass

  • United Healthcare Compass Silver
  • United Healthcare Compass Gold
  • United Healthcare Compass Platinum
  • United Healthcare Compass Bronze


We do not accept straight medicaid. However, we accept the following plans through Managed Care Medicaid.

Medicaid/Child Health Plus

  • United Healthcare Community and Medicaid Products
  • Healthfirst Child Health Plus and Medicaid Products
  • Empire Healthplus Child Health Plus (only)
  • HIP Child Health Plus and Medicaid Products


These plans are now available for for purchase on the N.Y State of Health website.

To accommodate all of our patients we are in the process of participating with a wide variety of plans offered through the Affordable Care Act.