Our Story

I had a vision of building beautiful offices where kids could feel comfortable, while practicing the essence of medical art: less is more. So, I opened Tribeca Pediatrics out of my very own home, in lower Manhattan twenty years ago. Working a bit like a country doctor in the big city, I strived to deliver the highest quality of care and developed a medical philosophy. That approach, summarized in childcare guide book I would write in 2004, The New Basics, appealed to many new parents. I started to hear requests for more offices in their neighborhoods. I brought more doctors onboard, and we began to grow.

Today, our team is still expanding, so we’re able to serve communities around both New York and New Jersey. Practitioners can focus on providing the best care for their patients while our central administration sees to your needs and ensures your quality of experience.

After almost twenty-five years of practice, my biggest reward is still visiting offices to meet with new parents and their kids. While we’ve expanded in a big way, we haven’t lost our personal touch, and that’s what makes us different.

Dr. Michel Cohen

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