We Care for your kids
We Care for your kids

Michel CohenTribeca Pediatrics was founded by Dr. Michel Cohen in 1994. Originally located in Dr. Cohen’s loft in Tribeca, where he lived with his family, the practice became very popular with local parents who loved his low intervention approach, personal touch and high quality of care. His philosophy eventually evolved into the book “The New Basics: A to Z Baby and Child Care for the Modern Parent”, and is now the basis for care at Tribeca Pediatrics.

Over the years Dr Michel Cohen has opened numerous satellites offices in developing neighborhoods in the region and, last year, in LA. Throughout, Tribeca Pediatrics has kept his strong commitment to the same high quality of care while focusing on creating fun and playful environments where kids develop lasting relationships with their providers.

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  • When should I schedule my first appointment?

    For newborns, the first appointment should be 3 to 5 days after birth.
    For older kids, we’ll need medical records before scheduling a well
    visit. As soon as you register with us online, you can call us to
    schedule an appointment.

  • Can we see the same provider at each visit?

    We encourage you to see the same doctor or nurse practitioner for well
    visits to develop a personal relationship. All providers share similar
    approaches and styles, always consistent with the philosophy of
    Tribeca Pediatrics.

  • How do I join the practice?

    Register yourself and your child using our Patient Portal. If you are transferring from a different practice please also fax over our Medical Release Form to your previous pediatrician so we can review your child’s medical history.

  • How long are well visits?

    Twenty minutes on average. However, the doctor will not leave the room
    until all your questions have been answered, and you feel comfortable
    with the guidance provided.

  • What is the wait time?

    We are constantly monitoring wait time to keep it under twenty minutes.

  • What happens during regular visits?

    Routine or “well” visits are to examine your child and monitor growth.
    A large part of the routine check-ups are about guidance. We begin
    with getting breastfeeding off to a smooth start. We then focus on
    strategies for raising a good sleeper. Parents love the fact that most
    of the babies in our practice sleep through the night by 2-3 months of
    age. As your child grows, we will also guide you on nutrition as well
    as emotional and cognitive development. Before each visit you will
    receive an outline of what to expect so that you can be better

  • What about immunizations?

    We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) schedule and all
    our vaccines are Thimerosal free. Immunizations are administered at
    the end of appointments, after a discussion of the benefits and
    possible side-effects.

  • How soon can I get an appointment if my child is sick?

    We accommodate same-day sick visits.

  • What about emergencies?

    Parents in our practice highly appreciate the convenience of having
    on-the-spot support in emergency situations. You can directly reach a
    doctor or a nurse practitioner at any time of the day, night or
    weekend. In the rare case that your child needs to be directed to the
    emergency room, your doctor will coordinate the care with the
    emergency room physicians.

  • What if I have a non-urgent question?

    Call the office to get a phone appointment for later in the day. A
    doctor or a nurse will call you back at a specified time to discuss
    your concerns. You can also send us an email with your questions and a
    provider will get back to you.

  • What’s your opinion about breastfeeding?

    We fully support breastfeeding and will provide you with assistance
    and advice. And while the majority of moms in our practice do
    breastfeed, we will respect your choice if you decide to use formula,
    and we’ll provide you with any guidance and advice you may need.

  • What’s your hospital affiliation?

    We are affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell, which
    has one of the most prestigious pediatric centers in the country.

Tribecapediatrics More FAQ's

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Check out what parents have to say about some of our doctors and nurse practitioners. Visit your local office to see the whole team!

  • Tricia Jean Gold, MD

    "Dr. Gold is the best. She always answers our questions and indulges me with answers for the most inane questions I ask. As new parents she is a wealth of information and a comfort to me and my husband. The office staff at Park Slope is so great too, you can tell they are all happy to be there and happy to have interactions with us. As a new parent my husband and I actually look forward to our well visits and know that when we get there we are going to be not only heard but listened to, educated about our child and the next steps and well guided in what the next months might bring and actions to take with our little one."

    - Mariel

    Tricia Jean Gold, MD
  • Ivy Grodman, MD

    "I think the practice is very conducive to making the patient and parent feel comfortable. There was very little wait time. Ivy was gentle and kind since. I did not feel rushed through any questions I asked and the answers were straightforward and easy to comprehend. I was very satisfied with my experience."

    - Julie

    Ivy Grodman, MD
  • Bridget (Bridie) Hatch, PNP

    “Hadley's 6 month visit was great and we are really pleased with Bridie. Actually that's an understatement. I'm sure you've heard it a million times before, but as new parents we put a ridiculous amount of faith in the healthcare professionals we take Hadley too. We turn to them for so much more than just sick/not sick. I didn't realize how dependent we would be on getting answers to questions about so many things about parenting, development and health. We have seen Bridie three or four times and each time she has been truly impressive. I have 100% confidence that she knows what she's doing, that she understands what we need, what's going on with Hadley and what we are curious about at every stage. In addition all of the referrals that she has given us have also been excellent.”

    - Mariko

    Bridget (Bridie) Hatch, PNP
  • Laurie Schulwolf, MD

    “I have been nothing but impressed with every visit Walter and I have made to your Park Slope office. Everyone there is always prompt and so friendly. Walter's 6 month visit with Laurie was fantastic. Every time we see her, she is so gentle and friendly with Walter. She is always able to address any questions we have about Walter's development, and I truly appreciate how supportive she is of us as parents. Before I even received your email, I had told my husband that it makes me feel so confident as a mother when she says, "He's beautiful, just perfect!" I love Tribeca's non-fussy approach to babies and the freedom it gives us to enjoy Walter instead of worry over him.”

    - Megan

    Laurie Schulwolf, MD
  • Shelley Satterlee, DO

    “We absolutely love Dr. Satterlee. We really appreciate how she listens to our questions and concerns without judgement. We always try and schedule our appointments for the days she's in the office. We also appreciate how she is gentle and fast when administering shots. Once Phoebe didn't even cry! Everyone at the office is friendly and attentive. So far we're pleased.”

    - Deeanna

    Shelley Satterlee, DO
  • Jessica Schratter, MD

    "We recently moved to Park Slope and this was our first visit to your office. Jessica was professional, warm, kind and knowledgeable - exactly what you'd hope to find in a pediatrician. Both of my children felt comfortable with her (my youngest and her 2.5 year old brother who was with us). I also have to remark how clean your office was. I almost couldn't believe it. We have moved twice in the last 3 years and have had 3 different pediatricians since our son was born. Your office was so modern and clean and we didn't wait at all. It was great."

    - Jeanine

    Jessica Schratter, MD

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The Primary Care Physician must be a Pediatrician at Tribeca Pediatrics (see list below). You can see any of our providers at any location regardless of Physician you select.

For general information on any of these plans and how to enroll, contact an enrollment counselor at 800-505-5678

*We do not accept NY State 'straight' medicaid. You need to enroll in a managed care medicaid plan.

Please call or email us with any questions. We are happy to help.

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Currently we are accepting the following ACA Insurance plans.

Oscar Insurance United Healthcare Compass Aetna Emblem Health
These plans are now available for for purchase on the N.Y State of Health website.
To accommodate all of our patients we are in the process of participating with a wide variety of plans offered through the Affordable Care Act.