The Team

  • Michel Cohen, MD
  • Andrea Berne, PNP MPH
  • Yasmin Lyons, DO
  • Stephanie Blanco, PNP
  • Andrew Elliston, MD
  • Lucia Fabrizio, PNP
  • Brittany DiBardino, DO
  • Ajay Mirani, MD
  • Sara Sloane, PNP

Michel Cohen, MD

-Medical School: The Medical University of Nice, Nice, France
-Residency: New York University and Long Island College Hospital, New York

Dr. Michel Cohen is a board certified pediatrician. He is the author of, “The New Basics: A-to-Z Baby; Child Care for the Modern Parent” (ReganBooks/HarperCollins in 2004.) and founded Tribeca Pediatrics in 1994.

Parent Testimonial
When we brought our son home from the hospital we had some minor health concerns. Dr. Cohen addressed them immediately and did so in such a respectful and gentle way. It quickly calmed our fears and gave us confidence as new parents. This in itself is a gift. - Stacey

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