Flying with Your Baby

Tribeca Pediatrics Newsletter

Whether you’re in desperate need of a vacation or it’s time to visit family afar, you may wonder if you can even bring your baby on board. Do not let your fears of flying with your little one hold you back from enjoying your next trip. Here are some tips to read before take off!  

When Can Babies Fly?

There is no minimum age limit. As soon as you think you and your child can tolerate the duration of the flight, go ahead and book your tickets. Does your baby need all their vaccination boarding the plane? Contrary to popular belief, babies do not need all their immunizations before their first flight. Airplanes, like any other crowded place, may be a haven of germs, however, kisses from grandma or snuggles from their sibling who just got out of daycare, are not any less of a risk for your baby.

Crying While Flying

Your baby crying during the flight is something you can’t avoid. There is nothing special you need to do that would be any different from soothing your baby at home or any other public place. Overfeeding or extensive rocking may only worsen the crying.

Ear Pressure

Thank goodness for modern technology and systems that have improved air cabin pressure control. There is no need to get caught up in figuring out all the ways to avoid baby’s ears from “popping”. If little pressure does built up, babies will swallow their saliva and even crying will help alleviate their ears. So take the pressure off yourself in figuring out how to “depressurize” your baby’s ears.

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